What Is Brandlicity, Why Your Brand Needs It To Compete

In Fashion Sense Brandlicity Is The New Black Of Branding.

Why Brandlicity is the new black of branding and how it can help your brand to compete today.

Ultisky, Inc today announced to solve What Is Brandlicity? Through the portal Brandlicity.com, the firm offers services, advice, and support for how-to brand. Citing that most businesses fail because they don't understand the concept of branding. Presenting an easy guide to explain exactly what is Brandlicity.


According to the Brandlicity.com portal the practice of Brandlicity was started by CR Cataunya Ransom. She covers how-to brand using the Brandlicity bold approach in her new release available on Amazon Kindle.

As for how a brand gains Brandlicity the portal identifies how to use the practice and strategies utilized to target an audience in need of the services. Recently launching and hoping to gain at least 100 fans to LIKE the Brandlicity Facebook Fan Page would reveal to them if they had a following. Without telling people what Brandlicity was they started promoting Brandlicity content and gained a following far exceeding their goal of 100 fans.

Kim Kardashian and the Kardashians are reviewed as a Brandlicity example. Referencing if you love or hate the Kardashians this family knows how to create Brandlicity. Explaining that what makes the Kardashian's brand Brandlicity is their lifestyle appeal to engage.

Proclaiming, Brandlicity is a fashion statement and the new black for branding. Brandlicity.com services offered to help with how-to brand.

Brandlicity.com How-to Brand PRO:

  • Complete brand evaluation and strategy.

  • Logo review and concept design.

  • Brand mission statement and development.

  • Persona creation and branding concept.

  • Slogan, Tag Line, and Sound Bite strategy and development.

  • Establish brand value and influence.

  • Brand success strategy and research report.

Starting at $1,250

Brandlicity.com Branding GO:

  • Strategy branding and planning approach.

  • Branding promotions and marketing.

  • Branding campaigns and proposal promotions.

  • Branding results success report.

Starting at ONLY $799

Brandlicity.com Rebranding NOW:

  • Complete Rebranding evaluation and strategy.

  • Rebranding logo review and concept design.

  • Rebranding mission statement and development.

  • Rebranding Persona creation and branding concept.

  • Rebranding Slogan, Tag Line, and Sound Bite strategy and development.

  • Rebranding Establish brand value and influence.

  • Rebranding success strategy and research report.

Starting at $2,500

For more information please email info@brandlicity.com or Contact 1 (404) 696 – 4833, visit http://brandlicity.com .

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