Ultisky, Inc Reveals A Brandlicity Tip Using Short Hair Pixie For Branding Plus Employment

Rocking The Short Hairstyle Pixie Can Land Women A Dream Job...

The pixie is all the buzz in Hollywood. Learn how to apply the Brandlicity method to turn up pixie brand appeal to get the perfect job fast.

Ultisky, Inc today announced a bold Brandlicity tip using the short hairstyle pixie to brand and find employment. Citing that pixie hair is super trendy right now and is all the buzz especially in Hollywood. Revealing turning up the Brandlicity approach by focusing on lifestyle trends can be the fast solution to land a dream job for ladies.

CR Cataunya Ransom, is the creator of the Brandlicity method and author of the Brandlicity: Memoir Self Help Guide How To Brand A Business. According to Ransom, branding is lifestyle and everyone should focus on creating a Brandlicity image. Expressing that Halle Berry was able to distinguish her celebrity brand around the pixie cut and her fans adore this look on her.

“Going pixie is absolutely a smart career move for women right now. Learning how to use their Brandlicity appeal makes a big difference in a competitive workforce,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom.

Now, more celebrities are making headlines with the pixie short hair cut. Celebrities rocking the pixie include Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, and more. Ransom feels this is a perfect time for females who are also job hunting to turn up their Brandlicity and sport a pixie to land a dream job. Citing that those who make hiring decisions function like humans and associate talent with trends. Detailing a pixie cut can decide which candidate gets the job over skills or narrow matched skills.

About CR Cataunya Ransom

The creator of the Brandlicity approach the boldest method for how to brand a business. Ransom is a true brand enthusiast with over 15 years experience in branding, marketing, and public relations. She has implemented branding strategies that have landed her clients in top media spotlights to appear on Good Morning America, Early Today, Geraldo At Large, E! and many more. Also Ransom is the co-founder of award-winning International as well as localized online and mobile portals. Through her branding expertise she works with varies major corporations and new brands. CR, has become the go-to-person to solve brand problems and achieve overall branding success. Her most treasured asset is her family, husband and business partner Kyle and young daughter Charm.

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"Going pixie is absolutely a smart career move for women right now. Learning how to use their Brandlicity appeal makes a big difference in a competitive workforce" CR Cataunya Ranson
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