Ultisky, Inc Secret Successes To Building Online and Mobile Empires

Creating niche online products, websites, and mobile Apps to generate profits.

Creating niche online products, websites, and mobile Apps to generate profits.

Ultisky, Inc today announced secret successes to building online and mobile empires. The company behind such niche online dating sites as CougarDatesOnline.com expanding Internationally to having over as many as 10,000 to 50,000 individuals download varies mobile Apps in the Google Play Store. Reveals how-to use technology to engage consumers with products that they want and use everyday.

This is one company focusing on a vision for online and mobile publishing. According to Kyle Ransom, CEO for Ultisky, Inc their business model is not a new or challenging concept. However, Ransom admits to do what the company does requires some technology skills. The idea for their brand is to focus in sectors where consumers want information and need technology for daily activities.

For example when it comes to developing Apps Ultisky, Inc researches to consider what consumers demand. Their “Lose Belly Fat Fast 2” application available in the Google Play Store has 10,000 to 50,000 installs. Which assists the users with what it promises by providing resources to reduce belly fat. Another App available at the same location with the same estimated amount of user installs is Cheating Partner Find. A spy resource and tracker for finding cheating partners. Additionally, the company continues to research trends and develop new engaging applications for the marketplace.

Ransom says the next big thing in online publishing are destination sites. They already have an edge in this market with popular sites like TopAtlantaLuxury.com and MiamiVIPOffers.com as well as other similar sites the company operates. Expressing that their success comes from operating in niches by building brand awareness. Their overall online publishing success is the focus of strategic research and engagement with consumers who are interested in specific content subject matter.

When asked what makes Ultisky, Inc different from other online publishing and technology companies? Ransom, relates many things make them very different. He says when he show up for events or conferences most of the time people are often shocked that he is actually African American. Citing that generally it is conceived that he would only focus on black media and that is not the case for Ultisky, Inc. Ransom cites their business model has always been to publish online content and create technology for diversity user experiences for niche subject matter. Which he feels leaves racial boundaries out of the mix.

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